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This is our major area of our expertise at Vrysopoulos Romaios & Partners with a team of experts ready to advise our clients on Banking & Finance Law related matters in Greece. We extend our legal experiences to serve clients of all types and sizes.

Our firm is possessed with a 15- year experience and has been recognized on the market as a strong and respected firm that assists and advises both corporate and consumer clients.

The law firm assists companies and natural persons with financing matters, frequently acting alongside major international law firms in cross-border transactions, providing high standard expertise from project financing, acquisition, debt restructuring, refinancing, acquisition of distressed assets and NPL portfolios, equity transactions, intra-group financing, club loans, security packages including mortgages, warranties, due diligence, to structuring of the entire transaction. The firm assists Clients with negotiations, structuring and documenting all financing agreements, including structured finance, asset-based financing, corporate finance, real estate-secured loans, to name a few.

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Banking Law: Practices
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