We are a leading law firm in handling corporate and natural persons bankruptcy cases. The deep recession financial environment in Europe and more specifically in the countries of the South, like Greece and Italy, has inevitably lead many small and medium sized businesses to declare a bankruptcy status in order to repay, according to their abilities, private and public debtors. 


Our expertised team provides consulting, representation and litigation to problematic businesses and natural persons across Europe in their pursuance of restructuring their debts. We are possessed with significant legal experience and handling of cases of debts by restructuring or deleting partially or even wholly. We use the legal tools available in every European legal system to confront debtors, whether private, banks or the States. Our practical experience in Greece, since 2010, is enormous, as we have managed to regulate many debts of natural persons under Law 3869/2010, as well as restructuting debts of large companies under article 99 and declaring simple bankruptcy in entities and natural persons without assets.