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GOLDEN VISA applications in GREECE

We offer legal support and assistance to non-EU investors in receiving a Greek (EU) Residence Permit by real estate acquisition

Vrysopoulos Romaios & Partners has a team of experts ready to advise our clients on the advantages gained by taking use of the Golden Visa Scheme in Greece, under Law 4146/2013 and Law 4251/2014. Since 2013, we have assisted non-EU investors from Asia and Middle East to make use of one of the most competitive investing schemes in Europe.



  1. €250,000 investment in any type of real estate property if purchased in Western/Eastern suburbs of Athens and in Piraeus and rest of Greece except, Thessaloniki, Mykonos and Santorini

  2. €500,000 investment in any type of real estate property for properties in North/South suburbs and Centre in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, and Santorini

  3. Travel without VISA to all Schengen countries

  4. Permanent residency from day 1

  5. No need to stay in Greece

  6. Includes all family members

  7. Only 1 mandatory visit to Greece to grant the RP, no need for frequent visits

  8. 5-year renewable VISA

  9. Capital investnment of 400.000 in Greek government bonds, in bonds or shares of real estate investment companies in Greece or in shares and bonds of venture fund and private equity which have headquarters in Greece

  10. 10 years of a lease agreement, whether signed for hotel accommodations or furnished tourist residences in integrated tourist resorts


1) third country citizens who own real estate property in Greece, either personally or through a legal entity (company) of which they own all company shares, on the condition that the minimum value of the property is €250,000 or €500,000, depending on the area of the property (see above on Main Advantages) ;

2) third country citizens who sign an agreement  (i.e. a lease) – for a minimum period of 10 years – for hotel accommodations or furnished tourist residences in integrated tourist resorts pursuant to Article 8 Law 4002/2011, provided the minimum amount of the lease is €250,000;

3) third country citizens who have signed a timeshare agreement pursuant to Article 1 Law 1652/1986 provided the minimum amount of the lease is €250,000;

4) third country citizens who either reside legally with a residence permit in Greece, or wish to enter and reside in Greece, who have full ownership of real estate property in Greece, which they have purchased prior to the enactment of law 4146/2013, provided that they had purchased the real estate property for a minimum of €250,000 or the current tax value of their real estate property is at least €250,000;

5) third country citizens who own real estate property in Greece, the minimum value of which is €250,000, and has been acquired via a donation or parental concession. The right to a residence permit in this case can  be enjoyed by the receiver of the donation or parental concession alone.

6) third country citizens who purchase a plot of land and proceed to developing/constructing a building via e.g. a developer, provided that the total value of the property purchase and the contract with the developer is at minimum €250,000.



Our law firm takes care on your behalf all the necessary steps to accomplish the process fast, accurate and responsible.

  1. Application is submitted for an entry VISA along with a Letter to the Consular office by our firm and a series of documents and certificates.

  2. We provide assistance in obtaining Tax ID and opening a Greek bank account in the name of the client for the purposes of the real estate purchase.

  3. We undertake all aspects of the property purchase including checks for burdens and liens on the property ensuring you get a clean title of ownership.

  4. We assist and supervise the drafting of the property sale agreement

  5. We collect all certificates from the Land Registry, Cadastral Authorities, Notaries and guide you through the final documents required for the Permit.

  6. We submit all applications to the relevant authorities for the issuing of your Residence Permit.

  7. We receive the 5 year Permit on your behalf.

  8. Every 5 years we submit a renewal application to the authorities on the basis you possess the property at the time of renewal.


Do not hesitate to ask our expert team. Don't miss the opportunity.

Thanks for submitting!

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