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We have achieved a great record of court decisions and pre-court settlements with reducing debts up to 99%, since 2010. We are a leading law firm in bankruptcy law, representing both corporate and consumer clients.

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Years of Experience in Banking Law, representing businesses and consumers in dealings with local and international financial institutions.

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Our team is equipped with major academic qualification in criminal law and justice and possessed with significant experience in criminal tribunals.

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Best Record in Greece and leading law firm in the legal collection of commercial debts in a short time. We are possessed with essential experience deriving from the administration of these cases throughout the financial crisis in Greece. We have the ability and the network to pursue effectively debt collection globally via our international partners.

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Aiming to the best interests of all parties with respect to the institution of Family.



Accurate legal advising and representation for real estate investments and leases. We have advised and represented international clients on the Golden Visa project. We provide trustworthy and accurate administration of private real estate in Greece.

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We offer legal support and assistance to non-EU investors in receiving a Greek (EU) Residence Permit by real estate acquisition

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Experienced Excellence

Our law offices were founded by Socrates Vrysopoulos, attorney registered at Piraeus Law Bar Association, in 2006 and until today are developed and expand with many and continuous partnerships both in Greece and abroad. Since 2016, the offices were expanded after the merger with the law office of Emmanuel Romaios, attorney registered at Athens Law Bar Association and created the current brand name of VRYSOPOULOS ROMAIOS & Partners.


From the very begining we have identified the provision of our legal services with the expertise on the fields of baking law, general commercial law, criminal law, bankruptchy law and corporate law. The fame of our law offices spread through the excellent provision of our services, the sincere and thruthful business relationship with the clients, the quality and organisation of our services, the constant briefing and improvement of our personnel but mostly on the successful outcome in the handling and resolution of legal problems within the frame of our expertise. Throughout our function, we have achieved a remarkable number of significant court decisions on the fields of bankruptchy law, consumer protection law and corporate law, enriching this way the Greek case law, by representing natural persons and businesses, Greek and foreign and at the same time we have organised a succesful "debt collection" department for commercial debts.

Our aım ıs to offer our clıents the best servıces ın legal advısıng, representatıon and lıtıgatıon throughout the world. For thıs reason our attorneys are equıpped wıth  excellent academıc and practıcal knowledge and experıence to meet the standards and demands of todays busıness world. Our legal team ıs constantly ınformed and follow up the current trends ın the global busıness and fınance envıronment and takes part ın semınars and conferences throughout the world ın order to offer ıts expertısed legal servıces. Our experıence ıs enhanced through our branches ın Greece ın relatıon to the admınıstratıon of the  fınancıal crısıs and ıts effects ın busıness fınance and ınvestment, real estate and assets legal protectıon, and debt collectıon process.

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Senior Partner

Socrates Vrysopoulos is a Senior Partner and co-founder of our firm. He is a registered lawyer at Piraeus Law Bar Association since 2006. Socrates studied law (LL.B Hons) at the University of Bedfordshire (U.K.) and continued his post-graduate studies at the University of Kent at Canterbury (U.K.) where he completed his LLM in Criminal Justice. His legal practice included many criminal trials at the beginning of his career until today. Since 2009, due to the global financial crisis, he is further practiced Banking and Bankruptcy legal cases with great success and results especially in the fields of debt restructuring and real estate assets protection both for natural persons and businesses. Since 2008 he has also participated to legal partnerships in Turkey, Italy & Russia. Since 2017, he also offers legal advice to the World Bank in relation to the legal scheme and status of the Greek banking system and legislation. Socrates is the author of may legal articles including consumer's rights in case of mobile phone companies, banks, electricity providers, Bankruptcy laws, real estate legal schemes. You may seek Socrates' advice at:


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