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Our law firm provides full legal advice to individuals and investors seeking to purchase property in Greece whether for residential or commercial use. We perform legal examination of the property's legal status, the deeds and its legal burdens. We work together with experienced and internationally networking real estate agents to provide their opinions on properties, accountants to perform taxation evaluations and notaries to conclude final agreements.


Equally, we represent construction companies and group of companies by examining and concluding agreements for purchases, constructions, expropriations and leases. 


We advice and represent individuals and businesses both in relation to residential or commercial leases and we also provide administrative and supervisional services to individuals or enterprises with private properties, legal entities and assets in Greece.


In respect of investors, who are non-EU citizens, we provide all above services and in addition within the context of the recent legislation of the Law 4146/2013, which provides significant incentives for non-EU citizens that perform a real estate investment in Greece. 

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